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The redesign of Liquid Force Wow wave kite

How much did the wow v4 design change from the wow v3 ?


What Changed?

Here is a list of the key changes on the Wow v4 compared to the Wow v3

For the WOW v4, we lengthed the wingtip to help the kite handle more rear line tension and more aggressive use of the profile in lightwind.  You can now ride a slightly smaller kite in the wave and focus on your riding.  The Raw power of the kite hasn’t changed,  but it’s now possible to juice more power out of each size.  

Ultra high-quality Teijin Triple Ripstop adds stiffness in the overall canopy profile and recuses flutter and canopy distortion for better airflow throughout the profile of the kite.  Mixed with this our standard strut construction where the canopy connects on TOP of the strut, it reduces the canopy wrinkles around the struts to Leading Edge connections.  

We redesigned the kite arc completely, giving it a boxy feel, especially in the wingtips.  What that does, it maximizes the direct exposed horizontal canopy profile in the center of the kite for raw kite power and optimizes the vertical canopy profile in the wingtip for power and quickness throughout the kite turn radius.  The kite turns even quicker with this boxey arc.

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Baja Choco Lake

  1. a food preparation in the form of a paste or solid block made from roasted and ground cacao seeds, typically sweetened.
    “a bar of chocolate”
    • a candy made of or covered with this.
      plural noun: chocolates
      “a box of chocolates”
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      “I drink chocolate because it is so soothing”
Shot by Vincent Bergeron
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Electronic Hydrofoil

Photo : William Pollock

I recently posted some video riding an Electric Hydrofoil.  Of course lots of peeps sent me questions like: “How is this possible?”,  “Where is your kite?”,  “Where is the boat pulling you?”

The answer is pretty simple, there is an carefully engineered electric engine mounted inside the board and running down the foil mast.  Right above the wings, there’s a torpedo type propeller that lets riders experience flight over almost any body of water at up to 25 mph, no waves or pull required.

My friend Ronald Tremblay is one of the first owner of this technology.  I felt really grateful & lucky that he let me spend a bunch of hours getting use to this new technology this past week.

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Fall Sessions

Fall Sessions

All photo shot by Julien Fillion, Vincent Bergeron, CIndy Lizotte

The colors, the smells, the cold.

Sessioning through fall season is very special.  The excessive warmth that your blood keeps pumping through your vain long after your wetsuit is off and you’re wrapped in a puffy jacket.

Fall season is usually when I realize that yet an entire year just flew by….