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The New Leica CL

I've been dreaming of a smaller Leica body that could fit M-Lenses for years...

The Leica CL represents the juxtaposition of iconic design and advanced technical standards.  Working with a Leica M rangefinder is fun, but totally unsuited for my type of photography.  I love to focus fast and shoot quick action, I don’t personally have time to deal with a rangefinder.  The new Leica CL EVF viewfinder and Focus peek ease the use of manual focus lenses.

Why Im not using Leica Lenses?

2 years ago I discovered the Voiglander Lenses, a full manual lenses Danish manufacturer, creating M-Lenses at a fifth of the Leica’s price.  The Voiglander have an ultra vintage look and work perfectly with Leica bodies.  Im currently shooting with the following lenses on the Leica CL.

75 mm/1:1,8 Heliar Classic VM

75 mm/1:1,8 Heliar Classic VM Perfect for high end portrait lens.  The longest focal length for the VM bayonet has an image angle of 33.2 degrees and, in conjunction with the high initial aperture of 1: 1.8, is ideal for demanding portrait photography with rangefinder or (adapted) system cameras.

28 mm/1:2,0 Ultron VM

An high-speed wide-angle lens is ideal for landscape photography and reportage as well as group photos and offers 75 degrees diagonal angle of view.

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Magdalen’s Short Flight

Magdalen’s Short Flight

Today we took my friend Ronald’s plane and flew from Montreal to the Magdalen’s Islands for a quick 3 days trip…  

Goodbye endless check-in & security, from door to door it took only 4.5h with a quick stop to Moncton NB.

I had a new kite to test (SOLO V4 9m).  When we landed the wind was already blowing 25-30 knots, therefor we headed straight to the beach for a quick onshore wave session.

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Sunday Afternoon

Sunday Afternoon

All Those Shades

I haven’t touch a guitar in months;
Maybe today I will…

Common sense sitting outside here today. I’ve got it all.

Money and fame, you standing by my side. Hit Me.

Total perfectness something in the way passing by. You felt it too
I’ll tell what it’s like on the other side.

Hit Me.

It a type of hurricane, stunning force pulling me away. Hold my hand tight on this Sunday afternoon.
It’s a type of hurricane, crazed force, memories collide. Hold my hand still on this Sunday afternoon.

Longing forgiveness
there’s only room for one on this ship..wreck Sullivan was right

I’m destined to levitate weightlessly.

Common sense
shut outside here today, so patiently. You even said

you’ll wait until I win this fight.

We will soon become free lovers.
Time will send me back to us. My memories collide. Time will send me back to us. My memories collide. Time will send me back to us. My memories collide.