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Electronic Hydrofoil

Photo : William Pollock

I recently posted some video riding an Electric Hydrofoil.  Of course lots of peeps sent me questions like: “How is this possible?”,  “Where is your kite?”,  “Where is the boat pulling you?”

The answer is pretty simple, there is an carefully engineered electric engine mounted inside the board and running down the foil mast.  Right above the wings, there’s a torpedo type propeller that lets riders experience flight over almost any body of water at up to 25 mph, no waves or pull required.

My friend Ronald Tremblay is one of the first owner of this technology.  I felt really grateful & lucky that he let me spend a bunch of hours getting use to this new technology this past week.

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Tofino – BC – Canada

I’ve put Tofino on the back burner for several years.  It had been on my top destination list for years and always wanted to explore this amazing Canadian landscape.  Lets be honest, this is the best surfing wave that Canada has to offer!  The focus on this trip was to foil surf some new LF foil wings & boards…  Tofino has proven to be foil surfing heaven!

Tofino is a small district on Vancouver Island, off Canada’s west coast. It sprawls on a peninsula within Clayoquot Sound, characterised by wild natural scenery including lakes, inlets and ancient rainforest. Sandy beaches with year-round surfing facilities include Cox Bay, Chesterman Beach and popular Long Beach, part of the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. The relaxed town of Tofino sits on the peninsula’s tip.

Where is Tofino?


Tanker Wave Foil Surfing

I’ve wanted to prone foil surf St-Lawrence tanker waves for quite some times….

Check out this infinite summer wave.