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The redesign of Liquid Force Wow wave kite

How much did the wow v4 design change from the wow v3 ?


What Changed?

Here is a list of the key changes on the Wow v4 compared to the Wow v3

For the WOW v4, we lengthed the wingtip to help the kite handle more rear line tension and more aggressive use of the profile in lightwind.  You can now ride a slightly smaller kite in the wave and focus on your riding.  The Raw power of the kite hasn’t changed,  but it’s now possible to juice more power out of each size.  

Ultra high-quality Teijin Triple Ripstop adds stiffness in the overall canopy profile and recuses flutter and canopy distortion for better airflow throughout the profile of the kite.  Mixed with this our standard strut construction where the canopy connects on TOP of the strut, it reduces the canopy wrinkles around the struts to Leading Edge connections.  

We redesigned the kite arc completely, giving it a boxy feel, especially in the wingtips.  What that does, it maximizes the direct exposed horizontal canopy profile in the center of the kite for raw kite power and optimizes the vertical canopy profile in the wingtip for power and quickness throughout the kite turn radius.  The kite turns even quicker with this boxey arc.

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The Rapid

Earlier this year, I had the chance to co-design this amazing Race Standup Board piece of art with Lee Kline.  I had not designed an SUP board in years, it felt good to get back into the saddle.

The Brief

The weekend racer is made with carbon fibre and Macassar ebony wood. Its length, shape, piercing nose design and flat bottom makes this board ultra fast and justifies its name. The Rapid. Also named after the lake bearing its name on the western shore of Cabonga Reservoir in the Outaouais region of Quebec. All paddleboard purchases come with a free travel bag. It’s our way of saying thank you for caring for your board.

  • Length 14′ 
  • Width 26″ 
  • Thickness 8.5″
  • Volume 281L 
  • Weight 26.4lbs / 12kgs

GRRRRrrrrrrr... One of the coldest day of the winter, Vincent Bergeron and I tested and shot the Rapid for the first time, in -35° Celcius on the St-Lawrence river.

Julien Fillion

Special thanks to my long time friend Corran Addison, who taught me lots about Standup Up Race boards design.  

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How small is too small?

  • A foilboard the size of a turtle, really?
Prototype Size
3 Foot Foilboard

We’ve been part of the foil revolution for several years now, leading today’s market by introducing the extruded aluminium mast and CNC fuselages. We tried so many different ideas for kiteboarding hydrofoil and prone surfing hydrofoil in the last several years. Couple months ago I saw Brandon Scheid pulling out of his board bag the smallest foilboard I had ever seen (designed by Peter Mehrohof). I got my hands on the following prototype and spent some time riding this tiny board, figuring out how small kiteboarding hydrofoil could really be? It took a session or 2 to get in-tuned with the board, then it started to feel amazing under my feet. 

Although I feel 3’ is way to small for average kiteboarders, it gave us tons ideas for future lightweight product development.

  • How small can a kite foilboard really be?
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Kite Design Coffee Shop

It is no secret that I love coffee shops, I’m doing my best and most creative work sitting in coffee shops around the globe. In this particular picture, early morning in Mexico, I had skipped the coffee shop to team up with Gary Siskar and Jason Slezak and talk about the future of kite design.

It takes a whole lot of creative minds and kite testers to design great kites.

Julien Fillion
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On a Moon Patrol!

For 2018-2019, the LF Moon Patrol is definitely my twintip board of choice… I love how versatile it is, here’s a quick design brief for this unique kiteboard. 

Reminiscent of your favorite fish shape surfboard or your back country powder stick, the Moon Patrol offers a smooth elongated outline that allows for free flowing turns and high speed cruising. A single tip to tail concave wood core directs water though the fins making for remarkably smooth ride and easy upwind progression. With the option of setting the stance back from center the Moon Patrol will turn big bone jarring chop into launch pads to orbit over the liquid surface. The Moon Patrol comes with optional 5cm fins for the tail configuration for more drive and projection.

Baja fun on the Moon Patrol, shot by Vincent Bergeron

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Liquid Force NV V9

Myself and the LF team (Brandon Scheid, Jason Slezak) did some magic designing the most amazing kite ever made, literally!  

Redesigned with purpose. The NV Version 9 is just not a new color way or slight change that has no impact on the performance of the kite. We looked at the ways in which the NV has excelled over the past 8 years and then took into consideration what we wanted the kite to do beyond any expectations. No doubt the NV is synonymous with stability and dependability in all conditions and styles of riding. Not only does the new NV V9 embrace its heritage but it now will set a new standard in freestyle kites.